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Iv'e been putzing around with model cars for probably close to 25+ years and I've enjoyed it immensly.....from that very first kit I snatched up at the local hobby store then spending most of the weekend all sprawled out on the dining room table stickin' it all together and paintin' it up. Boy, those were the days! Unfortunately for me, as time went by there just seemed to be less and less "play" time for it....ya know, late, long days and weekends at work, working on the house and whatnot, numerous health issues, the list just goes on and on~ Toward the end, I basically lost all my motivation and got more and more frustrated because no matter how hard I tried, I could never get a project  done that resembled anything even close to what I had originally invisioned!

Fear not my fellow crafter....this is not a tale of total woe, no sir~**~ Good news for me is that over the last year, circumstances have changed and I now have much more free time. Yeah I know,  lucky me! So.... yours truly has decided to jump back up in the saddle and get back at it again! Time to build somethin"!!

I have come to realize that I lack the skills (nor do I pretend to posess them) to be capable of turning out anything thats even close to some of the art I watch unfold here, but I'm working on it so watch out!! Curbside's goin' at it again! What a scary thought right?!?

The best advice a friend and very accomplished builder named Sid Dieth (aka woundedbear) gave me was not only simple, but completly true as well.

"Before getting underway with a project, do plenty of research and collect lots of images of the subject on-line, and once the building begins, treat each and every component as though that one single piece you're working on is actually the complete model you set out to build". Pretty good advice now that I really think about it and I'm going to start following that advice little closer!

There are several reasons why I'm wanting to get back involved with this leading forum. First, I think watching these absolute works of art come to life will help motivate and inspire me to build better. I also hope to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals and dynamics of model building from getting to know the members and take what I can from all the different posts to help me improve my skills. I do believe I'm on the right forum, that's for sure!

Who knows- might even make a new friend or two! Thanks for peeking!

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