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About bugsy_malonn
If the saying "you are your art" is true, then I must be a rusty old bucket. My name is Dennis Heaton I am from Los Osos CA I love to build old junkyard cars. I have always been fascinated with that old car sitting behind farmer Johnson’s old barn. Never knowing if that guy holding on to a dream that never seams to happen if it will ever come true. I guess that’s how it all started for me, when I was a kid living on a ranch in central California we would often go to neighboring farms helping with the harvest and clean up. Every ranch had a scrap iron heap in those days. You know when iron was worth something. I saw many old cars and trucks that the owners wouldn’t part with. Those poor old cars just sitting they’re rusting away with people out there just wanting to love them. Well I couldn’t give them that love but I put hours of love into recreating some of those old cars. Not as the cars they once where when they left the showroom floor but as the cars they have become. I have spent years building models as junkers and God only knows how many hours teaching myself the different techniques I use to achieve the looks each car needs. [url=""][img][/img][/url]
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Hobbies: Model car junkers old cars 4x4 rock crawling and old tin toys
Location: Emmett Idaho


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