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Big Gary

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About Big Gary

I am mostly retired, though I still work 40 hours a week.  I got interested in cars at a very young age and it hasn't left me yet. 

I became a Mopar fan at about age 12 when I met a man down the street who was an automotive machinist and worked on verious peoples jot rods in his driveway on weekends. He was a died in the wool Mopar fanatic, stating, "Chevys are boat anchors."  The first engine in his '35 Dodge hot rod pickup was a '57 Plymouth 318 with the factory 2 4s setup.  The second engine was a 406 ford from the early 60s. I became a Mopar fan from his influence.

I started building models at age 12, first airplanes, then cars.  If its loud and goes fast, I'm a fan of it. 

Currently I have more kits than I'll ever build, and bought 2 in the last week, because of coupons.  I mostly build 60s muscle cars, with the occasional hot rod thrown in from time to time.  I have little time to build so it all goes slowly. 

I met my wife when she was in college and working on a model of a house.  We have been married about 32 years. 

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