• File: Snow Plow Dump Truck

    This is my Plow Dump Truck I built using a Revell tow truck and a plow from the Revell GMC plow truck. The frame is scratchbuilt from rear of cab back. The dump bed is a resin one I picked up on eBay.
  • File: F-250

    Revell F-250. New frame so the big wheels can fit, new bucket seats, and black paint with skulls airbrushed in.
  • File: Cabover Peterbilt

    Box-stock Peterbilt. I enjoy a change once in a while. This was a challenging retro Revell kit. Stripes are painted.
  • File: 1965 Chevy Stepside

    This was my first attempt at building a pickup truck. I used House of Kolor paint and clear coat.
  • File: Twin "A"s

    The blue car is stock standard from the box, and the grey one has been lowered.