• File: Chi-Town Hustler

    I really enjoyed building this Revell kit. It's accurate and detailed; the parts actually fit. I used Testor's lacquer for the finish.
  • File: Rebel Ford

    This 1965 Falcon Funny Car was built from an AMT "Wild Child" kit. The finish is Testor's One Coat Star Spangled Blue lacquer over Krylon Brushed Metallic. The decals came from an AMT 1967 Galaxie XL kit.
  • File: 1968 442 Funny Car

    This is a car I built from an old Johan 1968 442 body I bought on eBay. The chassis, headers, shocks, brake lines, and interior body are all made of aluminum tube and sheet. The engine is wired with accelerator linkage. I drilled the rear wheels and added resin logs and bolts. There are also bolts and...
  • File: Cougar Funny Car

    This AMT kit was built box-stock to replicate the 1:1 car.
  • File: Hawaiian Funny Car

    This Hawaiian Funny Car has fuel cables, plug wires, throttle linkage, seat belts, and a Tamiya blue finish.
  • File: Jungle Jim AWB Nova

    This was quite a challenge for me, and I almost abandoned this project several times along the way. I used a Competition Resins body, trans, and injector hat. I also used Slixx decals and Testor's lacquer, with parts from several donor kits and a lot of Evergreen styrene.
  • File: War Eagle AA/FC

    Dale Pulde's 1982 Firebird Funny Car. Competition Resins body, Slixx decals, and Tamiya finish.