• File: Cobra Jet Collection

    Here's my collection of 1968 Cobra Jet Mustangs built from Revell's 1968 Mustang GT kit. They are box-stock builds with decals from Slixx and Lucas. The paint is Testor's Wimbledon White.
  • File: 1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner

    This was built in the late 1960s to replicate an employee's car at my uncle's Ford dealership. This model (like his car) wore white walls and 1964 Galaxie 500 XL wheel covers for decades until they were replaced with open wheels and hubcaps. Like his, fender ornaments were removed along with...
  • File: 1966 Mustang Custom

    This Mustang was customized in the 1960s. The front and rear sections were from another kit. Longtime modelers will note the thin white band around the tires. Back then, kits offered white outer tire covers to be glued to the tire. After painting them flat black, you scraped the paint from the thin deeper...
  • File: 1950 Ford Convertible

    This Ford was built in the 1970s and done to represent what was popular in the 1950s, with the spinner wheel covers, dummy spotlights, lake pipes, fender skirts, and continental kit.
  • File: 2015 Mustang GT

    I was inspired by Bob Downie’s build of the Revell promotional snap-together 2015 Mustang kit in the August issue of Scale Auto . When I saw the retail product at the local hobby shop, I grabbed one. This is only my fifth car build, and I tried a lot of new things with it. This is my first try...
  • File: 1970 Boss 429 Mustang

    This box-stock Mustang is painted with Testor's Grabber Orange. I had to sand the raised lettering off of the tires to apply the decals. Bare-Metal foil was used on the window trim. if you like Mustangs, pick up this kit. It is a nice representation of the 1:1 car.
  • File: 1964 Ford F-850

    Resin kit
  • File: 1967 Fairlane GT

    This model does not exist as shown here, as it's been stripped of the green paint and the blue one underneath. I bought it back in 1967. It was brush-painted medium blue. A vinyl top was added using 2" masking tape that was painted flat black. Decades later, it was lightly sanded and sprayed...
  • File: 1932 Ford Victoria

    The only changes made to this late 1960s build was repainting the whitewall tires, running boards, and roof panel as decades had yellowed them. Large diameter exhaust pipes replaced the old solid ones that were behind the front wheels.
  • File: 1961 Ford Galaxie

    When my dad came home from the dealership late in 1961 with a promo for us boys, that was the start of my hobby. As a youngster, we played with these but preserved them. Years later, this promo was painted dark blue with a light blue top. Later still, dark green and shelved. Decades later, nostalgia...
  • File: 1966 Shelby Hurst GT-350

    Other than a few details, this Mustang is a stock build. I should add my son built this in the 1990s when he was active in the hobby.
  • File: Ford Street T

    From fall 2014, here is my rendition of the Ford Street T. Box-stock and some Bare-Metal foil.
  • File: 1925 Ford Roadster

    This little street rod was built in the mid 1970s. It was spray-painted orange and while still wet, lightly misted with gold paint. It has parts from all over the place. The engine is from an early 1960s Ford kit and is all chrome.
  • File: 1966 Mustang Funny Car

    Ed Fortuna built this model of the Tommy Grove 1966 Mustang Funny Car that won the NHRA title in 1967 at the Bristol Spring Nationals. He used a resin body with a Polar Lights engine, and various AMT, MPC, and Revell parts. The tires, wheels, and metal injector tubes came from Speed City Resin. The model...
  • File: 1932 Ford 5-window coupe

    Jerry Walker says his grandson gave him this 1932 Ford model for his birthday, and he decided to make it a unique model he calls his "1932 Retro Concept." He refinished the front and rear ends and the side fenders. It has a hinged driver's-side door and trunk. The finish is Testor's...
  • File: 1992 Mustang GT convertible

    Built mostly stock. Added wheels from a 1987 Thunderbird Turbo coupe; rear tires and spoiler from a 1970 Boss Mustang; taillights from a 1993 Mustang Cobra; and exhaust tips from my parts box. The paint is Testor's Star Spangled Metallic Blue, with Testor's Wet Look Clear. I went the extra mile...
  • File: 1970 Ford Torino GT

    This is Revell kit no. 4099. Color is custom purple with a satin black hood. Tires and wheels are from my extras stash. Powerslide Decals provided the tire lettering.
  • File: Fireball Roberts 57ford NASCAR

    Fireball Roberts 57ford nascar pretty much box stock except for plastic performance products wheels and tires.
  • File: 1932 Ford 5 window coupe

    Built box stock with parts pack tires. Paint is Dupli-color radiant red.
  • File: 1953 Ford F100 custom

    Built this mild custom a few years ago.Paint is Testors Lime Ice,no clear. Tires are AMT parts pack.Velocity stacks are craft store items.
  • File: HandyAndy's Ford F100

    The one on the left is how the truck looked the day HandyAndy bought the truck. The one on the left is what it looked like 20 some years later when HandyAndy retired it.
  • File: 1978 ford 4x4 truck

    This is AMT rerelease of the super stones 78 ford truck. I lifted it and used aftermarket rims and tires. Lifting the suspension and the wheels are the only modifications made.
  • File: 1955 Ford wrecker

    It started out as a 53 but I added a 55 grille & y block. I built the boom from scratch.
  • File: 1929 Model A Ford Rat Rod Pickup

    Parts box parts turned into this little Rat Rod.
  • File: 1940 Ford

    This was built in the 70's and had a strange paint job. I didn't like it. So it received a new set of wheels/tires & fresh paint job. The interior was black (like most of the stuff I did back then) and redone in a light shade of gray. Note the red stripe inside to match the red accents...