• File: 1:16 Custom Chevy Baja Truck

    The basis of this truck was the Mean Mudder kit that I modified by stretching the frame, raising the cab roof, and fabricating a sleeper cab to it. The dirt bike is from the kit, and modern surfboards were added. The external cage was the most fun to build and really adds to the build. The base was from...
  • File: 1/16 Custom Chevy Baja Truck

    From this angle, it shows how the roof of the cab was slanted up to join the sleeper shell and the rear cab wall was removed to provide access. The external roll bar incorporates the overhead rack and mounts the off-road lights. I retained the rear section of the cargo bed for gas cans, tool boxes, and...
  • File: 1969 Yenko Camaro

    This is an out-of-the-box build, with Bare-Metal foil. As part of the "let's clean off the workbench" effort, it's time to finish the partial builds before taking on new projects. No paint on the body, just polished the plastic. I painted the underside of the body with black, but it...
  • File: 1994 Camaro Z28 convertible

    This is an AMT 1994 Z28 Camaro Convertible with a flocked interior and metallic green exterior.
  • File: 1967 Chevelle SS

    They Chevy is a stock build other than the larger tires on the rear. The kit was produced in blue as the interior shows. The exterior was painted metallic so there would be a slight difference compared to the interior.
  • File: 1976 Chevy Caprice

    This AMT 1976 Chevy Caprice reissue is finished with gold automotive paint.
  • File: 1966 Nova Pro Street

    Here is a 1966 Nova Pro Street painted in Testor's Fiery Orange. I created the custom exhaust from some chrome sprues because the supplied ones were a bit weak. I also added some spare box decals.
  • File: 1986 Monte Carlo SS

    This is a stock build of a popular 1980s muscle car. I chose to cut sections out of the roof, and I added hollowed exhaust pipes for a realistic look.
  • File: 1965 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup

    This pickup is finished with Dupli-Color Chevrolet Orange, with a heavy coat of clear. It's stock except for custom rims and an air cleaner on the engine. Turned out great!
  • File: 1970 Camaro Street Machine

    This is my 1970 Baldwin Motion Camaro Street Machine. I painted it GM Flame Red with multicolor glitter clear.
  • File: 1966 Chevy Nova Pro Touring

    This is my AMT Pro Touring 1966 Chevy Nova. It is painted with Model Master 1966 Nassau Blue metallic lacquer and clear. I used parts-box wheels and tires.
  • File: 1956 Chevy

    My personal favorite tri-five.
  • File: Foose 1965 Chevy Impala

    I shaved most of the emblems and door handles off of this Revell kit, then painted it Diamond Dust Silver with a red interior.
  • File: 1969 Baldwin Motion Phase III Camaro

    This is my Baldwin Motion Phase III Camaro built to represent a 1:1 Camaro I saw in a car magazine. I used a front tow bar I had in my parts box, raised the rear with custom shackles, and used wider tires on rally wheels.
  • File: Wrecked 1971 SS 454

    1971 SS 454
  • File: 1933 Chevy Master Eagle

    The basic body shape and rear fenders are modified AMT 1934 Ford sedan pieces. The front fenders and running boards are modified MPC 1932 Chevy Cabriolet items. Most of the running gear is from the 1932 Chevy kit with detail added. The hood, grille, headlights, trunk, and other items are scratchbuilt...