• File: Badman!

    This is an original issue kit, finished with Testor's One Coat Inca Gold lacquer and Model Master Go Mango lacquer with Pledge Future Shine.
  • File: Big John Mazmanian

    I put some huge tires (Ted's Modeling) and aluminum wheels on this build. This finish is Black Gold Tangelo paint. Gassers rule !
  • File: Willys Gasser

    Here is my box-stock version of the KS Pittman Willys Gasser.
  • File: Galaxie Trailer, 1941 Willys Gasser coupe with SS 454 pickup

    The trailer and Willys were built for a contest. The Chevy SS 454 pickup was built earlier. Some of the decals were printed on my inkjet printer with software specifically designed for models.