• File: 1970 Challenger T/A

    After building one of these and not liking the color, this one was built. The first one was turned into a race car.
  • File: 1967 Dodge Coronet

    I converted my 1967 Coronet kit into a straight axle Gasser. Hope you like it.
  • File: 1/16 Charger

    I did a little different take on the General Lee. It's painted with Testor's One Coat lacquer. I've got a black one on the bench that my wife is building.
  • File: 1969 Dodge Dart GTS Road Racing

    This is Revell's Dodge Dart GTS which was fiddled with for a road racing appearance. I love historic Trans Am racing of the 1960s and weekend racers.
  • File: Big John Mazmanian

    I put some huge tires (Ted's Modeling) and aluminum wheels on this build. This finish is Black Gold Tangelo paint. Gassers rule !