• File: 1949 Fords

    1949 Fords
  • File: 1:16 Custom Chevy Baja Truck

    The basis of this truck was the Mean Mudder kit that I modified by stretching the frame, raising the cab roof, and fabricating a sleeper cab to it. The dirt bike is from the kit, and modern surfboards were added. The external cage was the most fun to build and really adds to the build. The base was from...
  • File: Classic Volkswagens

    When I saw an ad for this "dealership" diorama, I knew it would be perfect for displaying my VW models.
  • File: 1/16 Custom Chevy Baja Truck

    From this angle, it shows how the roof of the cab was slanted up to join the sleeper shell and the rear cab wall was removed to provide access. The external roll bar incorporates the overhead rack and mounts the off-road lights. I retained the rear section of the cargo bed for gas cans, tool boxes, and...
  • File: 1906 Locomobile racer in for repairs

    This is my first attempt at scratchbuilding a model. It is 1/16 scale. I followed blueprints from a 1949 Hudson Miniatures Old Timers kit that used balsa wood as the main material. The model is nearing completion.
  • File: Buono Auto Salvage

    1/24 scale junkyard
  • File: Locomobile Headquarters

    1906 Locomobile Racer in front of Locomobile Headquarters - 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race. I finally got my car done and built this quick diorama for a backdrop. The building was copied from a structure in a historic photo of the race back in 1908.
  • File: 1/24 Egyptian Antique garage with Citroen 2CV Charleston

    Hello, I am a beginner modeler and this is my first ever car model and garage diorama. I used the 1/24 Citroen 2CV Charleston from Heller and the Fujimi Garage, tools, and mechanics 1/24 kits.
  • File: Old Sunoco Station

    This diorama idea hit me when I was taking a new flat screen computer monitor out of the box and the two pieces of packing styrofoam looked like a building front and the roof for it. I then added assorted signs I printed, scratchbuilt items, figures, and various diorama objects. Then I had myself an...
  • File: 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

    Here is my latest diorama project. It's 1/24 scale. Some items are scratchbuilt and others are made from resin. It took a lot of time to get the look/feel right, and for me that was the big challenge to get the weathering and texture of rust to look realistic.
  • File: Galaxie Trailer, 1941 Willys Gasser coupe with SS 454 pickup

    The trailer and Willys were built for a contest. The Chevy SS 454 pickup was built earlier. Some of the decals were printed on my inkjet printer with software specifically designed for models.
  • File: Old Gold

    I recently found a Lindberg Model T Ford missing more than half of the parts, so I decided to use it in this barn diorama. Nearly everything else is constructed from balsa wood. I used a black-and-white photo for a rustic effect.
  • File: Under Construction

    This will be my first diorama. I've got two Italeri 1/24 Guard Rail & Road Section model kits, and there will be four or five other models in it eventually. I'm using my 1/24 Chevy Dually promo to haul the guard rails to the site. It's early, and all the guys are off having coffee before...
  • File: Phaeton in the rough

    A 1932 Phaeton ready to be restored.
  • File: Wrecked 1971 SS 454

    1971 SS 454
  • File: Grandma and Grandpa on vacation

    This was photographed on my used car lot diorama. A calender was hung at the back, and Hendrix Manufacturing figures stand beside an AMT 1949 Mercury model in this scene representing a senior couple on vacation. I turned the color photo black-and-white, and played with the edges, and then dated it to...
  • File: Wrecked 1957 Ford

    I unpacked this old-but-pretty-good build of mine from way back. The two-tone paint left the original white plastic which had yellowed badly from decades of display. It became a casualty and is now in Shambles Salvage yard. Don't worry... no one was harmed in the making of this wreck. It could be...