• File: 1/24 Egyptian Antique garage with Citroen 2CV Charleston

    Hello, I am a beginner modeler and this is my first ever car model and garage diorama. I used the 1/24 Citroen 2CV Charleston from Heller and the Fujimi Garage, tools, and mechanics 1/24 kits.
  • File: Old Sunoco Station

    This diorama idea hit me when I was taking a new flat screen computer monitor out of the box and the two pieces of packing styrofoam looked like a building front and the roof for it. I then added assorted signs I printed, scratchbuilt items, figures, and various diorama objects. Then I had myself an...
  • File: 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

    Here is my latest diorama project. It's 1/24 scale. Some items are scratchbuilt and others are made from resin. It took a lot of time to get the look/feel right, and for me that was the big challenge to get the weathering and texture of rust to look realistic.
  • File: Old Gold

    I recently found a Lindberg Model T Ford missing more than half of the parts, so I decided to use it in this barn diorama. Nearly everything else is constructed from balsa wood. I used a black-and-white photo for a rustic effect.
  • File: Under Construction

    This will be my first diorama. I've got two Italeri 1/24 Guard Rail & Road Section model kits, and there will be four or five other models in it eventually. I'm using my 1/24 Chevy Dually promo to haul the guard rails to the site. It's early, and all the guys are off having coffee before...
  • File: Phaeton in the rough

    A 1932 Phaeton ready to be restored.
  • File: Wrecked 1971 SS 454

    1971 SS 454
  • File: Grandma and Grandpa on vacation

    This was photographed on my used car lot diorama. A calender was hung at the back, and Hendrix Manufacturing figures stand beside an AMT 1949 Mercury model in this scene representing a senior couple on vacation. I turned the color photo black-and-white, and played with the edges, and then dated it to...
  • File: Wrecked 1957 Ford

    I unpacked this old-but-pretty-good build of mine from way back. The two-tone paint left the original white plastic which had yellowed badly from decades of display. It became a casualty and is now in Shambles Salvage yard. Don't worry... no one was harmed in the making of this wreck. It could be...
  • File: Salvage yard update

    I got distracted for a couple of weeks, but I'm having a lot of fun with this. Tomorrow it's supposed to be cold and raining, so I'll spend some time in my hobby room. I've got a lot of stuff started that I need to finish!
  • File: 1955 Ford wrecker

    It started out as a 53 but I added a 55 grille & y block. I built the boom from scratch.