• File: KS Pittman Willys Gasser

    Because my basement was being renovated, this is the first new build in a while. This is a really nice kit. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The photoetched grille is a nice addition to this well-engineered kit. It's built box-stock, and painted Tamiya Bright Red with Testor's clear. Bare...
  • File: World's only 1966 Dodge Charger Daytona

    This one took some time. There is a lot of bodywork, filling, and sanding. I took the front clip off of a Dodge Daytona and put it on the front of a 1966 Dodge Charger. I was just curious how it would look.
  • File: Bill Grumpy Jenkins 1966 Nova

    Built this box-stock. It went together fairly easy, with minimal fit issues. The only issue was the yellow print on the decal sheet; it does not stand out against the red of the body. I used Tamiya Pure White and Bright Red with Bare-Metal foil on the trim.
  • File: Mini Cooper Gasser

    This was a really fun project. The frame and suspension came from a Willy's Gasser kit. The front axle is plastic tube, but I used the spindles so it would have poseable front tires. The body is from a Revell kit. The interior tub and chassis are mostly scratchbuilt to attach to the frame. Some of...
  • File: Sox & Martin Cuda

    This is the new tooling from Revell. Its a really nice kit and would highly recommend if you like these older Pro Stock kits. Built it box-stock. I used Tamiya Pure White, Bright Red, and Metallic Blue spray cans with Bare-Metal foil on the trim.
  • File: Willys gasser

    its pretty much box stock other than I used AMT gasser rims and tire set and aftermarket decals.
  • File: Kamikaze Elcamino street outlaws

    This is a model of the Elcamino from street outlaws. It started as an 86 but i made a full cage and cut and chopped till it was (for true street outlaws fans) flips elco. The front end is an 86 Monte Carlo front end that has been cut tweaked and massaged to look just right, with a 59 caddy seat that...