• File: 1970 Camaro Street Machine

    This is my 1970 Baldwin Motion Camaro Street Machine. I painted it GM Flame Red with multicolor glitter clear.
  • File: 1969 Chevelle SS 396

    This Chevy was built several decades ago and is mostly stock. It was enhanced with larger rear tires and a bit of a lift to the rear of the car. A sway bar was added, chrome exhaust tips, vinyl top, along with a few other items not included with the kit.
  • File: Foose 1965 Chevy Impala

    I shaved most of the emblems and door handles off of this Revell kit, then painted it Diamond Dust Silver with a red interior.
  • File: 1969 Baldwin Motion Phase III Camaro

    This is my Baldwin Motion Phase III Camaro built to represent a 1:1 Camaro I saw in a car magazine. I used a front tow bar I had in my parts box, raised the rear with custom shackles, and used wider tires on rally wheels.
  • File: 1955 Cameo

    My son built this pickup when he was helping with the collection. The body was left as-is and clear coated. My contribution is the wheel setup. I didn't like the stock wheel covers. The red wheels are Mopar units with holes drilled through. The hubcaps are the ones supplied with the 1962 bubble-roof...
  • File: 1933 Chevy Master Eagle

    The basic body shape and rear fenders are modified AMT 1934 Ford sedan pieces. The front fenders and running boards are modified MPC 1932 Chevy Cabriolet items. Most of the running gear is from the 1932 Chevy kit with detail added. The hood, grille, headlights, trunk, and other items are scratchbuilt...
  • File: 2010 Camaros

    Exchanged decals between the Revell and AMT.
  • File: 1957 Chevy Bel Air

    Luke Karosi's AMT 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air uses Modelhaus chrome 5-spoke rims and AMT Parts Pack whitewall tires. The finish is House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl with Testor's One Coat Clear.
  • File: Chevy Citation

    Remember these from the early 1980s? They were relatively fast back in the day. I built this kit box-stock, with some extra engine detail. The decals aren't in great shape, but it's an old model.