• File: 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2

    This is an older AMT 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 in black.
  • File: 1934 Ford

    I added a prewired distributor, scratchbuilt headers from solder, and an exhaust made from aluminum tubing to this AMT 1934 Ford Coupe. The torque thrust wheels are a parts-box item. I painted the body Tamiya Metallic Blue over a Silver Leaf base coat. The fenders are Gloss Black. This is a nice kit;...
  • File: 1973 Gremlin X

    I used a resin kit from eBay and the newly released AMT 1976 Gremlin kit to build what was my first car. High school was hard; who knew kids today would kill to arrive at school in a car like this. Mine was copper like the model, but had the X stripes painted over. They were gold. That is why I tried...
  • File: 1949 Gasser

    I built this car from AMT's Cruisin' USA 1949 Ford kit. It has a wired-and-plumbed Boss 429 engine, a scratchbuilt roll cage, a modified chassis, and aftermarket tires. The finish is Model Master Lime Green with Testor's clear coat and vintage AMT 1950 Merc decals. It took three weeks to...
  • File: Engines

    When I was "thumbing" through the forums, I ran across a couple of posts on engine detail. I have a few Parts Pack and extra engines I built never knowing if one day they will find a home in a project. I have some that are simple and some that are detail-painted and weathered. I like to blackwash...
  • File: Phillips

    This is a model I built a long time ago. My friends told me it was almost good enough to take to model contests. After that I built some to do that with, and this car got an honorable mention. It's all scratchbuilt. The body is an AMT 1969 Chevelle and the frame is from a MPC Vega dirt modified.
  • File: 1937 Chevy Street Rod

    This AMT 1937 Chevy street rod has a 1967 Camaro blown small-block with headers and exhaust made from solder wire and aluminum tubing. The tires and wheels are parts-box items. I used Dupli-Color Dark Cherry Metallic over white primer, cleared, rubbed out, and waxed. The interior and soft top were painted...
  • File: 1971 Hemi Duster

    Rich built this car from AMT's 1971 Duster kit. He wired and plumbed Hemi engine and kitbashed the tires and wheels. He added the hood scoop and finished the model with Tamiya Camel Yellow. The hood is Tamiya matte black.
  • File: 1940 Ford

    This model started out as a light blue plastic AMT kit from eBay. I added wheels and tires from a 1932 Phantom Vickie. The paint is Tamiya Racing White and Testor's Grabber Orange. I used the accent trim as the separation line between the two colors. The build is mostly box-stock, with Bare-Metal...
  • File: First time Fiat

    This is a Fiat altered from the AMT twin set, with Tamiya metallic green paint, engine wiring, a hinged roof, and parts-box tires and rims. The ram tubes came from a dead Porsche.
  • File: 1972 GTO

    A recent build of AMT's 1972 GTO.
  • File: 1969 Daytona Charger

    This is the AMT Daytona kit. It had some fit issues, to say the least. The finish is nail polish.
  • File: 2012 Corvette Coupe

    This AMT Showroom Series kit is finished with Tamiya Metallic Blue paint.
  • File: 1934 Ford pickup: Restoration Build

    I'm Blake Eaton from Montreal, Canada. This is a vintage AMT '34 Ford pickup kit I've restored and detailed. The paint is original; I estimate that it was applied in the late 1960s. Scratchbuilt/aftermarket details I've added are numerous. They include a truck-box bed from balsa planks...
  • File: 2013 Camaro ZL1/2010 Camaro RS SS police car

    These are both AMT kits. The ZL1 was painted Testor's Fiery Orange lacquer with clear. The black stripes were painted instead of decals.The police car was painted with white enamel. These were "quick" builds to get me out of my winter slump.
  • File: 1959 Plymouth Fury

    This is an oldie, based on the Scale Auto #75 October 1991 issue. This is a X-El promo with 1968 AMT Pro Street Road Runner running gear. It was painted red and '50s Pink.
  • File: 1967 Pro Street Camaro

    This is a 1967 Camaro kit by AMT that I custom built to be a Pro Street design.
  • File: Dirty Donny Chevy Van 4x4

    This is one my son built. He will probably kill me when he sees I posted it. He used the Chevy Van from AMT and suspension from the GMC Fall Guy truck. Tires and wheel are from the Model King F350 release. Lights were custom made.
  • File: Cali Custom

    This AMT 1964 Chevy Impala was built as the custom version using whitewall skinnies and slicks. The paneled paint is Testor's One Coat Purple-Licious dusted with Tamiya Sky Blue anodized aluminum fade and Flaming Orange to Electric Pink fade. The top is Inca Gold with Tamiya Clear Orange fade, all...
  • File: 1967 Continental Barris custom

    This AMT kit is finished with Model Master Nassau Blue Metallic paint and Future Shine. It has custom wheels from an AMT 1964 Mercury Marauder.
  • File: 1941 Plymouth hot rod

    This AMT kit has wide whitewall skinnies and slicks mounted on chrome rims with full moon caps. The finish is Tamiya Clear Orange over a Krylon Gloss Red base. The interior is purple, with white bench seats and a pearl white dash.
  • File: 1949 Merc

    This is one of my first radical customs. Besides the chopped top, other modifications include a pie-cut section of the body, canted quad headlights with a modified grille, and canted taillights. Other features are homemade lakes pipes from aluminum rod, and full custom interior which includes a modified...
  • File: Rebel Ford

    This 1965 Falcon Funny Car was built from an AMT "Wild Child" kit. The finish is Testor's One Coat Star Spangled Blue lacquer over Krylon Brushed Metallic. The decals came from an AMT 1967 Galaxie XL kit.
  • File: 1951 Chevy Fleetline

    I built this from AMT's 1951 Chevy Fleetline kit. It's lowered, and has a wired-and-plumbed small-block Chevy engine. I scratchbuilt the exhaust and seat belts and the kitbashed tires and wheels. The finish is Tamiya black, with Testor's lacquer clear and some chrome foil work.
  • File: 1974 Plymouth Road Runner

    This model was built as a gift and tribute to my uncle's 1:1 car that he bought new in 1974 (and still owns). The kit is an AMT 1974 Plymouth Road Runner painted with Testor's gloss black paint from the can and Fred Cady decals. The burnt orange plaid seat inserts mimic the factory seats in the...