• File: 1967 Continental Barris custom

    This AMT kit is finished with Model Master Nassau Blue Metallic paint and Future Shine. It has custom wheels from an AMT 1964 Mercury Marauder.
  • File: 1941 Plymouth hot rod

    This AMT kit has wide whitewall skinnies and slicks mounted on chrome rims with full moon caps. The finish is Tamiya Clear Orange over a Krylon Gloss Red base. The interior is purple, with white bench seats and a pearl white dash.
  • File: 1949 Merc

    This is one of my first radical customs. Besides the chopped top, other modifications include a pie-cut section of the body, canted quad headlights with a modified grille, and canted taillights. Other features are homemade lakes pipes from aluminum rod, and full custom interior which includes a modified...
  • File: Rebel Ford

    This 1965 Falcon Funny Car was built from an AMT "Wild Child" kit. The finish is Testor's One Coat Star Spangled Blue lacquer over Krylon Brushed Metallic. The decals came from an AMT 1967 Galaxie XL kit.
  • File: 1951 Chevy Fleetline

    I built this from AMT's 1951 Chevy Fleetline kit. It's lowered, and has a wired-and-plumbed small-block Chevy engine. I scratchbuilt the exhaust and seat belts and the kitbashed tires and wheels. The finish is Tamiya black, with Testor's lacquer clear and some chrome foil work.
  • File: 1974 Plymouth Road Runner

    This model was built as a gift and tribute to my uncle's 1:1 car that he bought new in 1974 (and still owns). The kit is an AMT 1974 Plymouth Road Runner painted with Testor's gloss black paint from the can and Fred Cady decals. The burnt orange plaid seat inserts mimic the factory seats in the...
  • File: Wacky Races The Creepy Coupe

    AMT Model-T base and resin kit.
  • File: 1994 Camaro Z28 convertible

    This is an AMT 1994 Z28 Camaro Convertible with a flocked interior and metallic green exterior.
  • File: 1976 Chevy Caprice

    This AMT 1976 Chevy Caprice reissue is finished with gold automotive paint.
  • File: 1956 Ford Thunderbird

    I built this Thunderbird from an AMT American Graffiti kit I bought several years ago. It was fun to build, with a nicely detailed interior.
  • File: 1941 Ford Woody

    This was a great kit; the equivalent of a new tooling in my estimation. The side window templates had to be cut out of a small sheet of clear material. I don't know if they shrunk over time, but the resulting windows weren't even close to the openings. I decided to cut a sheet of clear plastic...
  • File: 1970 Camaro Street Machine

    This is my 1970 Baldwin Motion Camaro Street Machine. I painted it GM Flame Red with multicolor glitter clear.